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About us

KC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Cashew Kernels in South India estbld in the year1987. We are a registered partnership concern  with the partners having an experience of over 5 decades in commodities like cardamom, pepper, Arecanuts, Copra, Food grains, pulses and other forest produces. We employ about 275 employees of whom 90% are dedicated women who are highly skilled for this work. We have managed an annual overall growth of over 15% during the last 5 years

Our Specialty:

Manufacturers of premium quality from very selective rawnuts in a very hygienic environment. Our employee efficiency is one of the best in the industry as they are well trained and motivated to meet the stringent standards set by us.


Is done under the brand Kalbavi Cashews in nitrogen flushed packaging. We have for the first time introduced an attractive 500 g pouch which is reverse metalized on polyester-poly with a window provision. This technique was first introduced on this pouch by India’s leading packaging people- Paper Products Ltd, Thana, Maharastra. While metallization improves shelf life and discourages imitation packs, window provides the visibility of cashews to consumers.



Our focus is on customer needs and currently is catering the niche markets for prime qualities. We have been successful in meeting the stringent quality requirements of a few premium buyers in Europe and Japan. We are marketing these qualities as “Mangalore Specials”


Exports to Europe & Japan-particularly Mangalore special quality nuts
Plant Location : Our Plant established in the Industrial area on 1 acre land, 9000 sqft of processing facility and 4000 sqft warehouse

Export consignments from Kalbavi Cashews undergo strict inspection by  accredited agencies and any consignment found to be not keeping with the prescribed standards are rejected. This measure thus ensures that only the best are exported.

Quality checks are carried out not only on the end product, but also on the raw nuts used and equipment used for their processing. This ensures the quality of the product at all stages of its making in terms of taste, nutritional value etc. and ensures the user that the product is of the best quality.

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